13 Ocak 2010

Konteyner Yapılar (Ev, Ofis, Dükkan)

Cargo Containers

Puma City Movable Retail and Event Location

Puma City was built for the 2008 Volvo Ocean Race. Overall, 24 shipping containers were used for this portable store that traveled around the world for a year. The light-filled, airy interior is a whopping 11,000 square feet and features plug-in HVAC and electrical systems, allowing it to be simply plugged in at each location. Between locations, the store was taken apart and loaded onto a cargo ship to be transported.

Freitag Retail Store, Zurich

Freitag bags are known for being made of durable, recycled materials. When the company wanted to build a retail store in Zurich, they knew that the space had to reflect the company's mission. Shipping containers are stacked in an otherwise drab, industrial part of the city – the same part that inspired the Freitag brothers to start making their recycled bags in 1993.

Pizzaiolle Restaurant, Montreal

A Montreal restaurant is using a 20-foot shipping container as home base for serving the hungry masses. The portable building can be set up in any location, and opens up with the push of a button. Within 1.5 minutes, the walls can lower completely. The restaurant runs on about 40% solar power generated from its rooftop solar panels; the rest of the energy comes from propane. The floor of this stylish but eco-friendly fast food joint is made from recycled tires.

Palotta Teamworks Offices, Los Angeles

When Palotta Teamworks, a company that organizes charitable events, needed a new office building, budget was one of their biggest concerns. They had a 47,000 square foot warehouse and about $40 per square foot to renovate it – about half the usual rate for such a project. Clive Wilkinson & Associates turned their space into an amazing network of modular offices, complete with water features, meeting spaces, and air conditioned "breathing islands."

Pier 57 Revamp Concept, New York

Hudson River Park's floating Pier 57 is due for a facelift, and New York firm Lot-EK recently won the design competition for its new look. They propose a small shopping center and rooftop garden which will give local artists and artisans a place to display their goods. The project is still several years from being realized, but the firm's initial renderings look very exciting.

Lafayette Street Shipping Container Office Building, New York

Urban Space Management (the firm responsible for the fabulous London Container City) is working with American company Global Modular Buildings to create this fresh-looking office building on Lafayette Street in NYC. The proposed building has a very clean and modern look, while using shipping containers will save developers a large amount of money. The project is still ongoing, and there's no firm completion date set yet.

Chelsea Farmers Market Shops, London

The quirky and busy Chelsea Farmers Market in London recently got three new additions: small shops built from cargo containers. All three shops were lifted into the market by crane in just one day. Since they've been adorned with pitched roofs and siding, it's almost impossible to tell that they were once cargo containers.

Dublin Parlor Concept by LiD Architecture

Dublin's waterfront area will soon have an amazing new venue for music, art and other events. LiD Architecture recently won the rights to design and construct the new Dublin Parlor, a dynamic public space. The firm will use shipping containers because of their flexibility, low cost, and small environmental impact.

Pinchin Street Studios & Group Practice, London

With the help of Urban Space Management, London is set to become the biggest consumer of shipping container architecture. This office building on Pinchin Street in London features a plant nursery and roof garden with incredible views of the city and the Docklands.

HyBrid Seattle Cargotecture Office Building

HyBrid Architecture is credited with coining the phrase "cargotecture," so it makes sense that their cargo container buildings were the first of their kind to be constructed in Seattle. The 12 cargo containers were all craned into place in less than four hours, and the interior finishings of each of the four buildings were fitted on-site.

Sun Modular Datacenter

Business-related shipping containers don't always mean offices. For businesses that need additional datacenter capacity in a hurry, Sun developed the Modular Datacenter. It's housed in a shipping container and uses each bit of space efficiently. The datacenter has its own cooling system and enough space to handle just about any company's needs.

Musto Cargo Container Retail Store

This tiny retail space makes great use of a single shipping container for a portable, compact place to do business. Located in Uruguay, the store sits close to the beach and is just quirky enough to be a draw

The Moderne Offices, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This fabulously noticeable shipping container building gives few clues as to what's housed inside its orange industrial walls. The Moderne is a proposed upscale mixed-use building in Milwaukee, and this is the sales office. If they were looking for a way to call attention to their "modern" image, this was the perfect way to do it.

Box Office Cargo Container Offices, Providence, Rhode Island

This colorful office building is being erected in Providence, RI, and will one day house several small businesses and artist studios. The project was green-lighted in June 2009 and consists of 32 reused shipping containers. All of the materials being used in the construction are environmentally-friendly.

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